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Your #1 Place for Dry Cleaning & Tailoring in White Rock!

Proudly Serving South Surrey, Whiterock, Surrey and Langley

Our Services

We offer an array of services to meet your dry cleaning needs!

At Time 2 Dryclean & Tailor Shop we are proud to say we are your local eco-friendly dry cleaner. Our eco friendly products make your garment softer and gentler on sensitive skin.

Specialist Dry Cleaning

We combine care and technology with our expertise to provide fantastic results. We go that extra mile with every item we dry-clean, from covering buttons prior to dry cleaning to prevent damage, to removing items of trim. We also use net bags for delicate garments prior to processing. Each garment is individually inspected and the stain removal is performed by hand by a professional.

As we have access to the full range of clothes care solvents as well as Meile wet-cleaning facilities we can choose the most appropriate cleaning methods for your garments. After cleaning, our superior finishing techniques will leave your fabrics looking fantastic. From designer wear to wedding gowns, our range of clothes care techniques are suited to the most discerning clients.

Shirt Service

We pride ourselves in providing South Surrey’s best shirt service. Our hand-pressed shirt service is truly faultless. We scrub each and every shirt collar and cuff with emulsifier and pre-spot any stains before laundering them using our in-house professional wet cleaning system, we provide three levels of starch according to your requirement.

Our shirt service is provided on a hanger or folded and returned to you in a shirt service bag. Our Shirt service includes the replacement of any broken or missing buttons to the closest match at no extra cost.

Tailoring and Alteration

We provide a full range of alterations and repair services, from shortening of trousers, relining leather jackets, replacing invisible zips and re weaving zips to copy and pasting on designer jeans. Most of these services are provided on a 48-hour basis. Others can take up to one week depending on the complexity of the repair.

All our prices include pressing of the garments before they are returned to you. We also provide a fitting service.

We have a team of experienced and professional seamstresses/tailors. Our team of Mohini, Esra and Kamal will be happy to take care of all your alteration and tailoring needs!

Handbag Cleaning and Restoration

At Time 2 Dryclean & Tailor Shop we are proud to offer a Specialist Handbag Cleaning service for your treasured bags or purses.

Whether they are plain, leather, suede or covered all over in sequins and beads we can offer handbag cleaning to the highest standards.

As part of our handbag cleaning process we can also deodorize your accessories to leave them looking, feeling and smelling fresh.

Saree and Traditional Wear Cleaning

We specialize in cleaning Indian Suits and Sarees like – silk, Chiffon, Georgette, Sequin Embroidered etc.

Bedding, Linens and Table Linen

It’s always a lovely feeling to get into bed and relish the feeling of freshly laundered bed linen. It’s all about being crisp, fresh and perfectly clean. Our laundry service offers you this luxury!

All items are individually inspected and then washed with the gentlest detergents before being finished to our exacting standards. Laundry is folded and packed ready for the next time you change your bed. This service saves you time and guarantees you the highest available standard of laundry service.

We use Meile Professional system.

Rug Cleaning

We have been cleaning and restoring rugs for clients for over 20 years. With our wide range of cleaning methods and specialist experience we are able to care for all types of rugs including:

  • Oriental
  • Turkish
  • Persian
  • Chinese silk
  • and many other rugs.

A regular maintenance program extends the life and the appearance of your carpet and rugs. We advise regular vacuuming of rugs to prevent permanent soiling from dirt.

Wedding Gowns

Most Brides would like their wedding gown restored to pristine condition. Whether you wish to preserve your wedding gown or are going to sell it, we provide the service and unmatched expertise that you require.

A wedding gown is perhaps the most special and poignant garment a lady will ever own. We understand this, and for this reason we are dedicated to providing you with outstanding service in the cleaning of your wedding gown which is performed in five stages in the following procedure:

  1. Your gown will be inspected prior to cleaning to ascertain what treatment will benefit it best.
  2. Your wedding gown then will be pre spotted and treated for specific stain removal and the hems and underskirt(s) treated for mud, grass and general ground dirt. This process takes between one to two hours.
  3. After pre-treating, your gown will be cleaned using the appropriate equipment and materials.
  4. Your wedding gown is re-inspected for any marks that may have become visible after the cleaning process. The whole cycle will be repeated until we are completely satisfied that we have achieved the optimum results. Only then is the gown steam pressed.
  5. Finally, your wedding gown goes on to be packed in a wedding gown non woven garment bag or packaged in acid free tissue in a specially designed storage box.

Shoes and Boots

We specialize in cleaning and repairing shoes and boots including the following:

  • Polish
  • Ladies/Mens Heels
  • Full Sole & Heel
  • Rips & Sewing
  • Patches
  • Ladies Soles
  • Shoe Stretch
  • UGG Boots


At Time 2 Dryclean & Tailor Shop we know how valuable your Ugg Boots are. We specialize in Ugg Boot Cleaning and restore countless Ugg’s to their former glory. Once we have restored your cozy footwear they will be packaged and ready once again to keep your feet warm and comfy.